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Other things; I have swapped files and done remote recording at home on pro tools collaborating with other artists. A recent example here.

What I currently do; I
Robert Holmes
Professional Guitar Player

What I want to do; Collaborate with with other artists in the writing and recording and possibly ultimate performance of original songs/pieces.

Name dropping; I have decades of experience. I started and had hit records in the 80's with American band 'Til Tuesday. Recorded recently with producer Hugh Padgham Played live or on sessions with artists like Cyndi Lauper, Ric Octcasek, Peter Wolf, Aimee Mann, and have played hundreds of big time shows both opening and headlining.

Soundcloud page

What About Love.....'Til Tuesday

Winning the War....... Til Tuesday

Coming Up Close..... Til Tuesday

You Know the Rest . .Til Tuesday

Robert Holmes is a guitar player for hire.

Voices Carry . ............Til Tuesday